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Chicago’s Amazing Artist Spaces

I read this article in Crain’s NY about the profound lack of affordable spaces for artists in the Big Apple resulting in a bit of a mass exodus.  Now, I don’t live in NYC so I have no idea how accurate that claim is BUT it did get me thinking about our incredible art scene in Chicago.  We have some amazing artist loft/communities here for super reasonable prices.  I thought maybe I would offer some of those up here in an attempt to both inform Chicago’s artists of their options, as well as maybe temp some New York artists with our amazing and affordable city. ;)

(in alphabetical order so as not to appear biased)

Artist Central Exchange

Anchor Graphics

Bridgeport Art Center

Chicago Printmaker’s Collaborative

Co-Prosperity Sphere

Cornelia Arts Building

Experimental Sound Studio

Flat Iron Building

Fine Arts Building

Fulton Street Collective

Lacuna Artist Lofts

Lill Street

Music Garage

Pumping Station One

Riverfront Work Lofts

(The) Maekeen Room

Spudnik Press

(The) Strand Artist Lofts

(The) Writers Workspace

Zhou Brothers Art Center

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  So, artists…GET HERE.  Chicago welcomes and appreciates you.