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My New Nightly Read

Let’s just put it out there…there are A LOT of daily newsletters and content aggregators/creators out there.  The problem is that I have not found one that I connect with.  Either they are too narrow in focus, too snarky in tone, too uninteresting or they arrive at the crack of dawn and by the time I get to them I’ve already been informed of all of their stories thanks to my twitter peeps.

So, it is with great excitement that I say I have FINALLY found THE daily news source worth reading.  They just launched in Chicago a few weeks ago.  They already have NY and LA editions that are highly followed. 

Time To Sign Off (Chicago) is really a unique one.  First of all, it comes at 8pm making it “The last email of the day” which is exactly when I want it to arrive.  The content is broken up global, national, local and it’s always information that came in well after I logged off twitter so it’s bridging the news gap for me. 

There are a few features that I love the most.  The 9 to Know which is an amazing curated list of 9 “somethings” you need to know in Chicago.  I might be a bit partial to that right now since this blog is listed as 1 of the 9 to Know blogs in Chicago but whatever. ;)

I also love the Who’s Next in Chi section which features an interview with some badass Chicagoan that is doing amazing things.  I mean who among us does not want to see real-life Chicagoans get a major shout out?

Lastly, Tonight’s Track hooks you up with a free tune from an up-and-coming awesome singer/band.  LOVE THAT.

I know I’m gushing but I have searched long and hard for a newsletter that gives me what I want and now that I found it I feel I must spread the joy!  Sign up People.  Sign Up.

They are on Facebook + Twitter …they will be launching a Chicago focused twitter account too this week - @TTSOchi